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(New Release) This is Book 5, the latest instalment in the Inspector Lord Pinhorn crime romance series. Inspector Pinhorn leaves Australia and flies to the other side of the world to visit Daisy in Canada... While picnicking at Lyn Canyon, two playful squirrels lead him to what appears to be a beautiful lady peacefully asleep under a tree near a rabbit burrow. His detective instincts kick in and tell him otherwise.  On closer inspection he discovers Victim No. 1 - Gemma Ruby Mason but this is just the beginning.... His holiday quickly turns into a triple murder investigation involving both himself and the Canadian Mounties as he travels across the provinces of Canada and into Alaska while experiencing some of the most spectacular scenery he has ever seen.  All the bodies were found near toxic Oleander and Fox Glove bushes and share a baffling common link.  His love for Daisy deepens to new heights as he returns to Australia an engaged man planning his wedding from afar.

ISBN 978-0-9923129-8-5

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