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READMYBLOG by Amelia.Nannapop ... PART 1

Australia is a nation glad to leave behind the natural disasters of the year 2019.  It commenced with devastating drought with cracked dried up landscapes, loss of livelihood, farm animals starving to death, stock having to be shot out of kindness, farmers going broke and trying to find enough food and water to survive as the skies refused to rain.  It went on for months and months and months...then it turned into raging out of control bushfires in many parts of Australia, continuing well into the new, farms, and many lives lost... rapidly and cruelly burnt to death in a fury of flames, extreme high temperatures and gusting winds seeking revenge.  The world had showed unity in hosting charity events and donations just to help our drought and bush-fire victims here in Australia. We had been fortunate enough to raise a lot of money here as well. What did we, as a nation of unity, love and peace ever do wrong to deserve this?   If drought and bushfires weren’t enough punishment to dish out, even more was to follow... the fury and revenge on the world.  We as a nation did not even have time to heal and rebuild after the drought and fires as the next world disaster suddenly consumed us.

 To predict that things could actually be worse than the disasters of 2019 was almost incomprehensible.

The year is now 2020.... in the grips of the Corona Virus Pandemic that has cruelly culled the population in most countries of the world without even a war or using bombs. Its codename is COVID19 after mysteriously starting in China. They say it started from bats but really? Bats and wet markets have been around for centuries so why now in this advanced modern and scientific age... To be that powerful to jump across to other people from a distance without contact, or just from coughing or sneezing instantly spread flu-like symptons and fevers,  dry coughing, then respiratory problems and  often death.... Thankfully, many have and will recover if treated early.  In China it showed them just falling to the ground and dying. The virus seemed to breathe and multiply on cruise ships because of massive people being together.... Again, how can this be possible from one single bat?  Usually only the infected person gets food poisoning ...and having hot showers would normally kill any germs....  If this scenario was true, it would have happened many decades or even centuries ago.  My mind flashes a picture of a laboratory and Scientists and caged animals and testing with sinister bio intent ..... a virus so powerful and of this magnitude...Do you smell human intervention?  Another scenario is that there is no place for the growing number of elderly seniors in China so they were boarded-up in homes with no way of escape...

Maybe, just maybe ‘The Good Doctor’ in China knew the truth and wanted to help and warn the world.   He was dead within two days along with his silence.   I will say no more.  There are many conspiracy theories.

The death tolls in America and U.K. are massive.  It is the time when ‘social-distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’ become the normal way of life.... a time of great change is upon the world.   It is a bit like the movie ‘I LEGEND’ - with towns, cities, shopping centres, restaurants, Clubs, sporting events and venues, parks and beaches looking desolate and if life was about to cease altogether.  It seems half the world have lost their jobs and income and will remain unemployed for a very long time...  with businesses and corporations collapsing and going bankrupt ... countries being forced into deep recession as the economy falls into financial disaster and ruin.  The Police roam everywhere, with nurses, health workers and many wearing gloves and masks. Hefty fines are being generated to selfish people who do not obey the law and that do not care if they take the risk of spreading it to others.  It is scary times for most feeling lonely and cut-off from their families and all the good things in life.   

But let’s face it......Most people living in our advanced modern digital world today,  in the twenty-first century, live wholesome and privileged lives.  Unknowingly, society over the years has become spoilt, self-centred and I will stretch the truth to say … selfish.  I personally miss playing lawn bowls and Bridge but as a senior when I power walk along one of our beautiful beaches that is open, I think how lucky I am.  The moods of the ocean and the colours of the changing sky have a soothing peaceful effect on me ….I feel blessed.  It pulls on my heart-strings and I am sure it does on yours too; not being able to see our families and friends and loved ones, only communicating via Skype, Face-time or video links.  I deeply miss seeing my mum who is 98 and my beloved children and grandchildren ...But just knowing they are safe and well and that they love me is everything.