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READMYBLOG by Amelia.Nannapop PART 2

PART 2.......Continued

I know deep down we are still the lucky nation, Australia.   WE ARE LOOKING AT THIS THE WRONG WAY....  We have a roof over our heads and food to eat ..... we might have to line up in a queue to buy toilet paper and sanitizer but so what?  How could we dare to even complain or think we were hard done by?  All you have to do is respect and think of what our parents, grand-parents and great grandparents were forced to experience, endure and suffer through evil ugly wars and the Great Depression.  Those scars are so deep they may never heal.  This pandemic is not even comparable in any way, shape or form.  It’s just a small ‘inconvenience’, that is if someone has pressed the PAUSE button on our lives and that sometime soon in the foreseeable future the same button will be pressed again for us all to CONTINUE our lives where we left off, though things maybe a little different.   We may even come out of it as better people .. more thoughtful and less selfish.    Coronavirus, forcing us to stay inside our lovely homes and properties to enjoy all the many things we have, is very little to sacrifice to stop the spread and prevent loss of life... Instead preserve it and treasure what we take for granted.

One positive thing it does generate ..... It has become a time of reflection... a time to rediscover ourselves as a person and as an individual... a time of creativity and discovering and utilising new interests and skills we did not even know we had.....a taste of yesteryear with time to relax, read, write, sew, knit, crochet, do homecraft, home decorating, housework, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and sudokus, boardgames or just to plant and potter... What we can do and what we can achieve is as endless as the clouds in the sky.  It is a time to realise what really is important in life .... a time to appreciate every single thing ..... a time to realise just how precious life really is.... a time to band together as nations, as countries united as one to ride the wave and beat the Corona Virus controlling our lives ....When the rainbow appears again after the raging storm it will be an opportune time for each nation/country to stand alone and be independent again.....not importing and exporting and relying on each other but standing strong and free promoting growth, skills and employment each for their own.......

Right now, we are all in this together...with one united goal.

BLOG 2......Dont even get me started about COON CHEESE and its famous logo...........COON CHEESE is named and honoured after its founder and creator DR COON. It has nothing whatsoever to do with racism or BLACKLIVESMATTER!

I am disgusted and very disillusioned that now the COON family are being harrassed and bullied into changing their famous name by people who are totally against DISCRIMINATION of any hypocritical is that ! Please, stand your ground and retain this famous name in honour of your family... Say NO to hassarrment and bullying of any kind.  Be proud of your family name, COON.

I am 100 pct behind EQUALITY and NO DISCRIMINATION OF ANY KIND as ALL LIVES MATTER!  We are all disgusted and ashamed of what happened in history...that human beings can even think of being so cruel to other human beings let alone proceed and treat them that way is hard to digest and incomprehensible

.   It happened and can never re reversed nor obliterated.....Let the world learn by its mistakes so it will never happen again!....It is all under one heading...DISCRIMINATON...which comes in many forms.....whites to whites, whites to blacks, slavery, Germans to Jews, religion fighting against religion....OMG the list is endless.  History is everywhere ....landmarks, monuments, statues, TV, movies... it CANNOT be obliterated.   If you wanted to delete all the TV shows and movies relating to history there would be about 10pct left if that.    WE NEED TO REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET SO IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.  i personally have been discriminated against by certain females in almost every workplace and activity I have been involved with during my 65 years......Making me feel intimidated, harrassed and bullied by their sharp tongues, unecessary hurtful comments and by not including me or making me feel welcome when they should. Being shunned is very hurtful, disrespectful and damaging to one's soul.  They all know who they are and if affects you deep down, promotes low self esteem and makes you feel like there is something wrong with you....even though I have a huge heart, care about everything and everyone and try and make a difference in the world by having a voice.  I speak and dress well too and have lovely manners.....oh well, obivously not enough and makes me feel I a lepar?

I now think the BLACKLIVESMATTER people are very selfish and disrespectful and should practice what they preach.   NO PROTESTS SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELD DURING COVID...the very first Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne, the only one authorised and so recklessly approved with thousands of people standing neck to neck started this huge second wave...about a fortnight later it all started though they pretend it was from one person in hotel quarantine and their security bugnle......The only bungle by Victorian Govt was letting that first rally proceed....What where they thinking approving this and being too complacent.  NOW THEY ARE BANNED BY THE SUPREME COURT AND AGAINST THE LAW HERE IN AUSTRALIA, yet they don't care....they will proceed anyway...who cares?

In USA my heart went out to the black people.....I personally love them....I am glad they are seekiing well-deserved justice and justice will prevail..but that was no reason for the UK Londoners to dismantle and vandalise long standing statues and throw them in the Themes River....the bad behaviour then continued out here in peaceful Australia... just like the virus it spread........ very selfish and disrespectful acts during an ongoing pandemic. 

I pray for a miracle every day ....for COVID19 to suddenly disappear forever and for our families, jobs, lives, employment, economy can start to recover and heal again.