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Local Author Expo Erina Library Monday 29th July 2019 10am-12pm MeetThe AUthorTUggerahLibrary13Feb PORT MACQUARIE LIBRARY TALK authorevents2014 1 Jenny Ford

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AMELIA, the Author,  is proud to announce the release of her novel  "SONATA:  MELODIES OF MURDER" by Amelia (me)......Austin Macauley UK available globally via bookstores and selected distributors.  Isbn 9781528976824 Paperback and Isbn 9781528986779 eBook   -OR-  purchase her novels direct on her secure book website  APPRAISALS ON AMAZON OR WEBSITE GREATLY APPRECIATED.




She hopes now that all her novels will be taken over, marketed and acknowledged like she deserves.   She envisages them every single day coming alive on the big screen...eccentric flamboyant characters and impelling plots full sizzle, murder, intrigue, romance and muh mumch more.....Please support and help her achieve this.








Jenny Ford / AMELIA .....Author from the Central Coast NSW is proud to announce the release of 7 paperbacks and eBooks and also the official launch of her secure book website...,




Please, don’t miss this opportunity to support a new prodigy who deserves recognition after ten long frustrating years. Her dedication should be rewarded. Be one of the first to give an honest appraisal and voice your opinion. The author welcomes it. Follow the antics of Inspector Lord Pinhorn and Aussie in this unique Australian series that will leave you wanting more...connect with the flamboyant diverse characters and follow their lives throughout the series that has formed a genre of its own - murder/mystery/romance/SIZZLE/comedy all under one cover : –




BOOK 1 - SAMSON (Introducing Inspector Lord Pinhorn...) BOOK 2 - SONATA... BOOK 3 - SAILS     BOOK 4 - SUDDENLY (highly recommended)   Book 5 “SQUIRREL”   Book 6 “SWEET REVENGE”  and Book 7 "SIMPLE SIMON" is in production now. Jenny has created her own special branding by commencing all her titles with a symbol – the letter ‘S’ as her personal trademark. They are feel good stories full of drama, adventure, sizzling romance and suspense that will warm the cockles of your heart. This is only just the beginning of the series ... The Author wants to entertain her readers and make them laugh, smile and fill their hearts with love and romance while playing detective to solve the crimes. Her eBooks are available to download worldwide in all formats/types of electronic readers and can be purchased direct from her website in any currency via Paypal or Credit card (security is guaranteed). Iphone users – please use the Epub version. Her personal message reads: "To anyone who supports me by purchasing my books, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart... it means the world to me".  She looks forward to hearing from her readers via email at: or via her Facebook pages.....JENNY FORD - AUTHOR   -and-  AMELIA - AUTHOR  (Please press her LIKE button....this really helps)  or  Instagram.... authorjennyford    ~ THANK U ~