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A HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR I WISH TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!  Welcome to my website!  Please support me by pressing the LIKE button on bottom left.   Follow me at JENNY FORD - AUTHOR on my Facebook page and at 'authorjennyford' on Instagram.
May the ensuing years ahead fill the world with joy and peace... may the hungry get fed, the poor get rich, the sick get cured, and may ugly war, racial discrimination and terrorism cease forever...united as one!  Let us all reflect and bond with family, friends and loved ones and appreciate how lucky and privileged we really are. Let's 'MAKE EACH DAY COUNT'!

My eBooks (only $5 easy download) and paperbacks  (ony $20 autographed) are available right now on this site for you to purchase and enjoy...Paperbacks also available at selected BIG W, Bookface and Dymocks stores - via Woodslane Distributors. (Please do NOT purchase from Amazon or other overseas sites as the poor authors, like myself, get virtually nothing and it is an insult)  Thank you so much for supporting the author.

I hope you find my novels entertaining and that they fill your hearts with love and romance while playing detective.... Connect with the cheeky, clourful characters and follow their lives throughout the series. 
Please let my stories transport you on a journey away from the daily grind to sweet serenity....Enjoy much needed 'ME' time like you deserve...pour a cocktail or a cuppa, put your feet up and relax... After all, you are V.I.P.'s that need pampering with time-out, like we all do.

My vision for the future is to release my stories as talking books for the elderly, disabled and vision impaired.  I visualise my diverse and flamboyant characters coming alive as movies and on the T.V. screens for all to enjoy.

Electronic Books are the way of the future - easy to download in all formats, compact, convenient and far more affordable. E-Readers are quite cheap to buy now plus you can also download on your Smart phones and Ipads (Epub recommended) and store thousands of books at the same time. I wish to sincerely thank my readers for purchasing and reading my paperbacks and eBooks. I enjoyed designing the covers and layout personally. I have done absolutely everything myself! Your support for a new author is much appreciated - it means the world to me.

I hope you find my fiction novels absorbing, entertaining and humourous. Each independent story is full of crime, sizzling romance and adventure laced with Aussie humour - a unique genre all under one cover appealing to anyone age group 16 and over. The elderly would enjoy them too, particularly Book No

4 'SUDDENLY'. I invite you to visit Waratah, meet the quirky and eccentric Inspector Lord Pinhorn and connect with the characters as their lives unfold.

I do warn you that Censorship is required for Chapter 11 of Books 3 'SAILS'- it's provocative and written well before '50 Shades of Grey' was released  - I did ponder on it for a while. My readers say Chapter 11 sets the scene for sizzling romance and rekindling lost love.... Please let me now what you think.




Please think of me as a vintage wine - I will ripen with flavour like a grape in the sun, I will ferment in the barrel with the rest of the harvest, and I will mature and age over time. That is when I will be tasty, smooth and a special vintage worth keeping!

I would appreciate honest feedback so I can expand my horizons, but most of all; please my readers! .... so feel free to contact me my leaving a message at this site or via email at: