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I was recommended to read  "SONATA:  MELODIES OF MURDER"  by Amelia and it soon became a 'can't put down' novel.  No was straight into the story and meeting the characters... Easy to follow plot and an analytical mind is the star of the book.   A complete and absorbing read...Nice mix of suspense and a little nonsense of romance.  I would love to read another.   Inspector Pinhorn is an easy character to like.

Allan Roser (senior) from the Central Coast NSW ........ September 2021

In Jenny Ford's book SQUIRREL our hero detective spreads his wings in Canada.   Aided by an attractive local journalist we are taken around fascinating scenery seeking to identify 3 striking similar dramas.  Are they crime scenes or tragic accidental deaths?  Some seemingly incidental connections unfold with support of their networks.  A sizzling attraction between both dedicated professionals grows as they solve the mystery.  This enjoyable and entertaining easy read should wet the appetite for readers to explore her other stories. 

Henk Keulemans -- Central Coast NSW -- July 2021

I am so glad I purchased  "SONATA: Melodies of Murder" By Amelia

Fabulous Book Amelia!   A real page turner for all ages (adult of course). Enjoyed by my mother-in-law and of course myself.

Awesome to have a good Aussie author with a gripping tale to tell..... Hope you are discovered....Good luck!

Cathy Munro - Woy Woy, Central Coast NSW - November 2020


SONATA       Engaging... kept you guessing....Romance, Humour and Murders. I think it would make a great movie!


SQUIRREL    Intriguing plot ...  Enjoyed my wild, romantic adventure through Canada and Alaska.


Jan Abberton... Central Coast of NSW .......... August 2020

RE:  New release fiction novel.....  SONATA: MELODIES OF MURDER ......Never heard of AMELIA but now I have!  Even better...she's local and a 'coastie' like me.  My genre is crime thriller and I read book after book after book.  It took me on a journey and I just wanted to keep turning the pages......Can visualise the intriguing plot as a movie, along with the flamboyant characters.....As good as any novel I have read by famous authors.   I highly recommend it.

Pauline S. from Kincumber - Aged Care Asst ........... August 2019

I was lucky enough to meet the author, AMELIA, while working together at the elections.  So glad I bought her new novel "SONATA: MELODIES OF MURDER".  I am an avid bookworm, particularly in the genre of murder mysteries.   Really enjoyed the gripping and impelling plot that had me guessing right to the end.  It was well written and I particularly loved the clever way she combined murder romance and mystery altogether.   The shock ending took me by surprise.  I am now a fan and wish to read them all.

Maureen Coakes...Ettalong NSW July 2019

I was given "SQUIRREL" as a gift.  My genre is not usually crime romance but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this heartfelt story.....WOW I felt the sizzle and the steam rise too.  I have never travelled to Canada or Alaska but now feel like I have.  I am just beginning to read her new release "SONATA: MELODIES OF MURDER" by Amelia....It appears quite diverse  which shows the Author's uniqueness.  I wish her every success.

EMILY McCOY (Retail Asst....Central Coast) April 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to read two of your books ‘SUDDENLY’ and ‘SQUIRREL’.

I found both books (though very different) themed with a love story, comedy, adventure and intrigue.   Both were very easy to read and hard to put down...I just wanted to keep reading on.

A tribute to you to know that an Australian writer is of world standard.  It is indeed exciting to know you have more books for me to enjoy.

Patricia Cooke (aged 71) from Kincumber, Central Coast NSW Australia -- June 2018

I have read three of Jenny Ford's novels purchased from Dymocks Bookstore....I enjoyed each one and the diversity between them.

Book 2 SONATA kept me on my seat with murder mystery and a surprise ending....Book 4 SUDDENLY filled me with emotion straight from the heart (a blend of everything) and Book 5 SQUIRREL took me on journey across Canada and Alaska solving murder and finding sizzling romance....Please keep writing books.

Dorothy - Central Coast NSW - January 2017

Also read book No. 2 SONATA.....Diverse to her debut book SAMSON.  Enjoyed the clever murder plots and mystery....the ending was such a surprise it made me jump....Keep writing Jenny and I look forward to hearing about your well deserved success in the future.

JENI SAVILLE......Retiree..........September 2017

I finished reading your 1st book 'SAMSON' last week while in Fiji. I enjoyed it and wondered where your ideas come from. it was hard to put down. Now I have to get the next and next and next. Thanks for your writing and it is still in my memory meeting you at Tuggerah.

- KEITH HODGSON, Central Coast NSW, March 2016

I belong to a book club and enjoy reading books of different genres. SAMSON was a great read with everything under one cover. SQUIRREL (Book 5) took me on a journey across Canada and Alaska and kept me intrigued right to the end. She is a gifted writer and I intend to read the whole series.

- RHONDA MASON - Admin. Officer - Central Coast NSW April 2016

Jenny Ford's books are full of adventure and diverse characters. They are easy to read in her unique style. Book 1 SAMSON and Book 2 SONATA are must reads - SAMSON being more romance and mystery and SONATA being a real crime novel that kept me guessing. Look forward to reading them all.. I just finished reading Book 5 'Squirrel' and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the way she incorporated the Canadian landscape into the book as it brought back many happy memories of my holiday in Canad

- BEVERLY JONES - Teacher - Copacabana NSW August 2016

I am normally an avid reader of Non-Fiction but had the pleasure of reading SUDDENLY by Jenny Ford and found it exciting and full of surprises. They certainly knew how to have fun in that nursing home amid murder. The characters were cheeky and interesting. The ending was explosive and unexpected. A great read. Thank you JENNY FORD.

- CHRISTINE CACOURATOS - Medical Officer - February 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed new release SQUIRREL. Feel like I've personally visited Canada and Alaska - thank you. It was an original storyline - clever and a real adventure. Highly recommended for a blend of everything all under one cover. Loved the steamy undercurrent in her debut book SAMSON - I felt loved and romanced.

- MARG SUTTON, Insurance Consultant - January 2015

I have now read all five books and her new release SQUIRREL (Book No. 5 in the series) has now grabbed the no. 1 spot over Book 2 SONATA (which had me on the edge on my seat). SQUIRREL has a great plot and the beautiful descriptions of Canada throughout make me want to hop on the next plane and go there.. Waiting for book six. Her books are very entertaining. Chapter 11 of book 3 SAILS is particularly saucy and a real sexual turn-on that gives  '50 Shades of Grey' a run for its money.&

- MICHELLE MIDSON - Retail Asst, - Central Coast NSW - July 2015

I loved Jenny's unique style which draws you in. 'Samson' was exciting from the beginning to the very end. Jenny kept me amused, eager, guessing and not wanting to put the book down. It was a pleasure to read. Can't wait for her next one. Was excited to receive an autographed copy of her second book which, though quite a contrast, was full of crime and romance - I loved it.

- Raelene Nicholls - Chip 'N' Dales Painting Services, Umina Beach, NSW

Her debut book was action packed and emotional. Enjoyed the flamboyant characters and plot. It kept me entertained and guessing right to the end. Look forward to the next one.

- Alison Shaw - Avoca Beach Fire Brigade, NSW

Have read the whole series and found them entertaining, humorous and full of twists and turns and surprises - Got more excited with each book I read. SONATA Book 2 I thoroughly enjoyed and kept me guessing right to the end. SQUIRREL Book 5 was even more exciting. I now feel well acquainted with the diverse and cheeky characters and waiting to read Book 6 SWEET REVENGE when it is completed. I am in my 70's and an avid reader and highly recommend JENNY FORD'S novels.

- LINDA BYERS- Central Coast resident - December 2014

SAMSON Book 1 - This book grabbed my attention from the very first page - in fact it was a hard book to put down. I couldn't wait to read the next chapter, and to the end it kept me intrigued. This book has everything going for it - excitement, romance, human interest and the twists and turns keep you wanting for more. This is a well written book and easy to read, and I am very much looking forward to reading more of the author's books.

- JENNIFER SAVILLE - Ryde, Sydney - November 2015

I loved Jenny's unique style which draws you in. 'Samson' was exciting from the beginning to the very end. Jenny kept me amused, eager, guessing and not wanting to put the book down. It was a pleasure to read. Can't wait for her next one. Was excited to receive an autographed copy of her second book which, though quite a contrast, was full of crime and romance - I loved it.

- Raelene Nicholls - Chip 'N' Dales Painting Services, Umina Beach, NSW

I spend a lot of my time reading books but I found 'Samson' to be humorous and entertaining. The characters were diverse and interesting. Really enjoyed the setting of the storyline. The plot kept you guessing right to the end. Overall, a great read and highly recommended. Really enjoyed 'Sonata' and the many twists inside. Well done Jenny . The ending really surprised me.

- Teena Johnson, Plumpton, NSW

'Samson' was riveting and absorbing; I couldn't put the book down. I particularly enjoyed the steamy undercurrent. Congratulations Jenny on your debut book. I look forward to the next edition. Enjoyed the second instalment of 'Sonata' just as much - different with a startling conclusion.

- M.S. - Killarney Vale, NSW

I am an avid reader and thoroughly enjoyed reading 'SAMSON'. A great mixture of everything under one cover. Well done Jenny! When can I read Book No. 2?

- Beth Smith, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Jenny has formed a genre all of her own - murder, mystery, romance and humour under one cover.

- Chris Keating, 'The Sun Weekly' Newspaper, Central Coast, NSW

'Samson' was easy to read, full of passion and intrigue. Felt connected with the characters. Enjoyed the mystery, the romances and all the surprises along the way! 'Sonata' was absorbing, appealing and very entertaining - an intriguing plot.

- Dorothy Browitt, Bath, U.K.

I am an avid reader and crime mystery is my genre. I have enjoyed all of Jenny Ford's novels so far in the Inspector Lord Pinhorn series....he is a cheeky and lovable rogue and the characters diverse, colourful and interesting. Book 2 SONATA I particularly liked as its a real who-done-it and fully of mystery and surprise. Book 5 SQUIRREL is my favourite as I felt like I had actually travelled through Canada and Alaska while playing detective. Just waiting for the release of Book 6 SWEET REVENGE.

Michelle Midson - Retail Assistant - June 2015